Matrix Denim Laser System

Main Features :

  • Full Process is Run from Roll to Roll.
  • All Designs can be Edited in 2D or even 3D.
  • Laser Effects as Rodeo, Breaks, Mustache, Destroy, Needling, etc. are Made at Once with Real Vintage Appearance Quality.
  • Laser Patterning is 3 to 5 times Faster and Performance Compared to Competitor Systems.
  • Serializing (Up Down Measures) and Nesting of All Parts are Made Automatically.
  • All Labelling, Numbering and Stitch Marks on Cut Parts Are Done Automatically. No Laboring, No Time Losing, No Mistakes…
  • Laying and Cutting of All Parts Are Made Very Efficiently. Imagine Saving from 1% to 3% from Fabrics.
  • Laser Marks All Planting Locations and Correspondence on Cut Parts For an Exact Sewing and Best Fits.
  • Parts Are Collected on Top Of Each Other In Bundle Stacker Unit.
  • Without Any Mistake, All Parts are Ready for Sewing.

Advantages :

  • Saves Great Time in Production.
  • Saves Time and Labor in Laser Design, Cutting, Labelling and Quality Control.
  • Provides Great Efficiency in Fabric Cutting. Eliminates LOT Differences on Roll Fabrics
  • Provides Big Time Savings in Method and Planting Markings.
  • All Parts of the Trousers Are Processed and Cut from the Same Area of ​​the Fabric.
  • Reduces Workmanship and Problems Due to Lot Differences in Fabric or Rolls.
  • Production Process Progresses Fluid, Error-Free and Easily.
  • Production Quantities and Times can be given in advance without error.
  • Thanks to Special Laser Technology, it is 4 times more realistic than normal laser productions.
  • Only One Wash Is Sufficient for 70% Of The Trousers Made Of Desized Fabrics.
  • Provides Large Amounts of Water, Stone and Chemical Savings. All Those Reduce Production Costs.
  • Eco-Sustainability Provides the Biggest Contribution and is the Reason of Choice.
  • Brands May Proudly Manufacture Local Made Garments by Local Compact Production Facilities in Different Countries.

High Flexibility, High Performance :

  • Saving Big Time, Labors, Fabric, Water, Chemicals, Electricity and Cost.
  • The Daily Production is between 750 and 1250 pieces for Front and Back Full Pattern Trousers.
  • It is primarily suitable for companies producing denim pants (clothes) for their own brands or famous brands.

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