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Mercury Fiber from SEI lazer, the ltalian leader manufacturer of medium high power of CO2 lazer system for more than 20 years ,is a machine that breaks conventional ideas about lazers. The feature list of Mercury Fiber is long: high speed, low maintenance linear motors, long life fiber lazer sources, a variety of sizes to suit any manufacturing environment, and a remarkable small footprint.


Mercury Fiber coupled with high power fiber lazer beam quality, offers faster processing speeds and a more efficient use of wall-plug power with reduced costs for electricity and cooling.


Mercury Fiber, coupled with Top Class Fiber lazer sources with long life and extended mean-time between maintenance services, is an attractive option for small shops and limited thickness on metals operation. Regardless of the mode of operation, safety comes flrst with Mercury Fiber. The full automatic Class1 enclosure with safety inspection windows means no LSO training required while the integrated suction tank creates a realsafe and clean environment.




Mercury Fiber has been designed by SEI lazer R&D team of experts to accommodate many industries and collects 20 years of experience in lasers.

Unlike other technologies, Mercury Fiber can tick all these boxes: profile to cut 99% of production in one step, high production speed, no post finishing, very low consumable costs, process range on low thickness of most metals (i.e: steel, inox, aluminum, brass ,copper and others) with best cutting quality and performances.


Simple, yet powerful proprietary ICARO SW interface drives Mercury Fiber. Easy to learn and easy to operate using Windows operating SW. SEI lazer Mercury Fiber... Because experience matters!




Mercury Fiber is a SEI lazer flatbed plotter suitable for sheet metal processing. lt is designed to meet the strict requirements of cutting metals and materials sensitive at 1.07 nanometer (Mercury Fiber) lazer wavelength.


● The machine is designed to process flat sheet metals, compatible with the use of Fiber lazers: as cutting and drilling.

● The focusing head is equipped with a motorized Z axis enabling the working distance to be set and programmed by the software.

● The cutting head is equipped with a collimation device and QBH connector to insert the optical fiber head of the lazer.

● The lazer beam is driven to the focusing head via the fiber optic which is housed in a cable track.

● The head is moved along the X & Y axis by linear motors and by interpolated brushless motors along the Z axis.

● Algorithms for interpolated movements are designed for lazer cutting optimization. Both, electronics boards and firmware are proprietary SEI design.

● The lazer cutting process is gas assisted: the assist gas can be air, oxygen or nitrogen. The cutting capacity and the productivity will depend both on the focal unit assembled in the head and on the installed Fiber lazer source power.

● Loading/unloading systems, rotary attachments, CCD camera for marker detection can be supplied as an option.

● Class 1 (safety enclosure complying with lazer standards) opening/closing covers with inspection windows , enable safe processing of the material

● Connection between the machine and PC is made via an Ethernet Lan.

● The machine is operated by means of a Personal Computer with a dedicated CAM application ( lcaro SEI proprietary SW).

● lcaro (SEl) is a proprietary software for the interface, diagnostic and control of all axes as well as the lazer parameters. The ICARO SW has been designed by SEI to provide optimization, quality and work processes. Both shallow and deep cutting processes are feasible. Vector files

(normally used for cutting) in the formats DXF (AutoCAD), PLT (hpgl standard).



● XY axis movement made by linear motors with digital control of position using linear optical encoders.

● Linear guides with HQ precision ball-bearings.

● Z axis controlled by a DC motor with digital control of position and velocity.

● Execution of curves with spline interpolation. Lines and curves at a constant tangential velocity, speed and acceleration are programmable. Axis motor strains control.

● Work table prearranged for fume extraction.

● Automatic and programmable opening/closing of the machine cover.

● Working table, material support, enclosures and general engineering designed for metal cutting applications.



Technical FeaturesLine:Max electrical load:Plug:Compressed air:Nitrogen (cutting process assist) Cutting headlazer work area:Working table size:Maximum size (H-W-L):Working table flatness:Maximum payload:Work plane heightZ-axis stroke: General physical propertiesMax X-Y axis speed:X-Y axis resolution:Repeatability :Acceleration (programmable):Max pressureSW controlled gas proportional valve:Focal lens mounting arrangements:3D work capability with Precitec capacitive head and driverMotorized Z-axis speed: lazer SourcesNominal power:Power Range:lazer beam quality:Optical power stability:Pulse frequency range:lazer wavelength:Fiber diameter:Excitation:    400V, 50/60Hz; Max amps 32A21kWIEC Plug 32A 3P+N+PE6 bars20 bars  1500x3080 mm21600x3220 mm22107-2748-5009 mm30.5 mm50Kg/m2800-850 mm0-70 mm  2000 mm/s0.001 mm+/- 0.05 mmup to 20 m/s220 bars0.1-20 bars75, 100, 125, 150 mm  up to 200 mm/s  1000 or 2000W10---100%≤ 2.5 mm*mrad≤+-2%CW---5KHz1070 nm ±10 nm50 umLong life diode arrays



Icaro application, Windows OS:

CAM program interface for control of the lazer system

Files formats: 2d vectors (dxf, Plt, Eps, Pd)

Objects editing: scale, rotations, move, align, delete, enable/disable, divide/group, Flip, copy, duplicate, optimize, filling, etc.

Cutting profile features (directions, lead-in/out, etc.)

lazer parameter settings, (ramps, power, frequency, power or energy mode, piercing, delays, etc.)

Machine movement settings (speed, accelerations, ramps) Work preview

Setting of the end job end point, of the opening point and of the unloading position of the head, etc.

Work parameters libraries

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